The Power of Aloha and the Power of 3 – pt.2

The pictures on the news and internet about the plight of birds and sea creatures afflicted with the aftermath of encountering plastic disposable items and rubbish isn’t pretty, it isn’t warranted, and isn’t necessary. I will freely admit to being caught up in the daily grind and the convenience features I think I need to get by. I have my re-usable water flasks and recyclable items but don’t get me wrong, I forget them sometimes and when I’m thirsty I’ll grab the most convenient beverage container I can to end the dehydration. I get it. But I have a second chance in making sure the item I used gets recycled properly, and a third in choosing to spend a morning at the beach picking up discarded trash to help save our wildlife, reefs, water quality, and way of life.

We can help alleviate and eventually end this needless destruction by adopting the Power of 3 philosophy. Each time you visit a beach, whether it be on our islands or elsewhere, take 3 additional items of trash with you back to a trash or recycling receptacle. It doesn’t matter how big the items are. Every little bit counts. If everyone who visits our beaches takes the time to give appreciation back to the sea by picking up 3 refuse items, in conjunction with the use of biodegradable consumer materials, this problem can be an issue of the past. No really, it can. There is never a problem large enough to ignore. Only a need to start the resolution process with haste.

If you would like to do more than just adopt the Power of 3 as a practice, there are other like-minded groups that host beach clean up days on our islands. Surfrider Foundation at hosts several beach cleans a month on the island of Kauai and the Sierra Club of Kauai at host similar clean ups that include hiking.

Turn your vacation into an experience and help celebrate the beauty of the islands while making life long memories for yourselves and generations to come. Adopt the spirit of aloha. Mother nature will thank you.

Mahalo and Aloha- Patti and the Seafun Gang