The Power of Aloha and the Power of 3 – pt.1

The beauty of the ocean is what draws people to our island. Our kindness to the ain’a or land is how we thank the universe for providing us with such beauty. The spirit of aloha is what captures our imagination and helps us to continue to flourish alongside nature’s exquisiteness.

The Hawaiian Islands and Northwest Hawaiian Archipelago have been plagued by trash and debris washing up on our shores for many years. A study done by The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported the removal of 57 tons of trash from the Northwestern Islands in 2014 alone. Some of this refuse was believed to have been from the catastrophic Japanese Tsunami of 2011 but Hawaii’s Department of Land & Natural Resources (DLNR) and North Pacific Marine Science Organization found that plastic items retrieved from our beaches were from various parts of the world and had likely been part of larger floating trash deposits caught in the ocean’s currents.

How does this trash make its way into the ocean? From being careless with the way we handle our rubbish. Plain and simple. From our homes to our businesses to our leisure time on vacation, what we use as consumers for the sake of convenience and how we dispose of it makes a difference. A catastrophic one. One that we who live near our oceans and streams see on the daily when we choose to pay attention.

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