Equipment Provided

Seafun Snorkel provides quality masks, snorkels, and fins to help with your under-sea experience.  Certain prescription masks may be available. Check with our friendly reservation staff and experienced guides to see if we have a prescription mask that works for you!

We also provide wetsuits on our tours to help with body warmth and buoyancy. Let us know your size and we’ll get you geared up!


Float Board

Our snorkel board is perfect for those who need assistance. The handles on the side of the foam board contribute to the perfect body position for viewing the tropical sea life. Hold on and let the guides and waves propel you towards the next undersea wonder.


Experienced Guides

Seafun Kauai has some of the best guides on island, and we’re not just sayin’ that. Our guides have a passion for the sea and love sharing it with our guests. They are more than happy to answer your questions, teach you new fun facts, and make you feel at ease in the water. Our floatation boards can also assist with those who may have limited movement, limited stamina, or limited knowledge of swimming in the ocean.